Newsletter February 2019

Membership subs

The subs for this year are now due, can you please make sure these are paid ASAP to Barry Watkins either at the next meeting, via post but please enclose a self-addressed envelope or by Online banking. Please contact Barry for more details. Please when paying subs at the meeting you come with the right money to save time. Cheques are to be made payable to RWAS.

Mr B Watkins
2 Glenmore Close,
OL11 5PF


Membership meeting

This year’s membership is being held on 25thFebruary 2019, we are collecting subs and Barry will be signing the membership cards. This will start at 7pm and the meeting will commence at around 7.30pm. We have a change on venue this year and can now be found at the Rifleman’s Arms, Mizzy Rd, Rochdale, OL126HW.

Work 2018

The year has seen a very small party of workers doing essential work to Healey Dell, within the space of a few months they have completely predator proofed the whole of the water and create a new gate plus a spill way cover. I must say that I am a little disappointed that only a handful of people were involved. Please remember we are an angling society and not a commercial fishery so any help would be welcomed. 

On a more positive note we have received a toilet and another container at Healey dell which when renovated will serve the club well. We are currently making a fry pond and also looking into obtaining a classroom type container to finish off our project at the Dell. Many thanks to Roy for helping out.

Open day 2018

This year we held our second open day for people to try fishing. This was an amazing success with over 100 people turning up on the day to fish our water. A date is being set for this year, but we really need help to ensure this is a massive day out. If you can help in any shape way or form, please contact Alan Knowles.


The club has stocked a large quantity of different species of fish this year and from what I witnessed they were really excellent quality. Alan again has worked tirelessly to get the best fish he could within the budget set but the committee.

Registered Veterans

This year we have been working with RMBC to offer fishing to the Registered Veterans within our local area. We wish to welcome them to the club and more details will be passed at a later date.

Keep nets

Alan once again is on the hunt for old keep nets, the reason is they can be placed into the water to allow roach and perch to lay eggs on them. If you have any spare, please let Alan know.

Winter fishing

We have had several anglers braving the cold this year, several really good carp have been caught and also a good bag of silver fish was witnessed. I managed to catch a hat trick of carp on a rather cold January morning.

Match trophies

Can all winners of last season matches please return them at the membership meeting, this is so we can get them prepared for the next presentation night.

Contact details:

Barry: 01706 356157

Alan: 07906708540

Many thanks

Gary Eaton

RWAS President