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NEWSLETTER September 2017


       Dear Members

            Hope you are all having a good season. The carp, barbel,and tench we stocked this year have all done well so far, and all have been putting on weight. The fishing has improved on last year with far more silver fish and tench showing at the Dell. Tench and Barbel have also been caught in the small pond at Syke along with some nice roach. The fishing on Syke has produced some good carp this year with one fish being over 18lb. The Dell has also produced some good carp with one over 14lb and 2 fish of 13lb in the last couple of weeks.

            The Family fishing days where a great success and I would like  to thank all those the helped out at these events. The children and parents had a great time with just about everybody catching. It is hoped we can do a similar event next year.

           The match weights have increased this year and the evening matches where well attended. We have only two matches left this year one is this coming Sunday 1st October at Syke and the other is the Fur and Feather at Healey Dell on Sunday 15th October. We also had two matches against Whitworth Anglers, both matches where very close but we where runners up on both matches. The match at Lane Head was particularly close with only 1oz separating the two teams.

            We have also re-introduced the Junior match which has been absent for many years. This year it was run over 2 legs and I would like to thank the parents and 10 children that fished through very heavy rain in both matches for attending. Most anglers would have been running for cover with the rain that we had, but all the children stuck at it until the “all out” The eventual winner was Jessica Howarth.

            We have also introduced a family match which I had to arrange at short notice due to the weather and early nights drawing in. The match was only an hour long; even so the children caught the vast majority of the fish and both teams had about 25 fish. The winners where Jessica, and Alan.

             The senior championship is very close at the moment, and the junior championship is still up for grabs with only a couple of matches left.

             The key padlock at Syke has now been replaced, by our top engineer ( well done Gareth ) If anyone is having difficulty with the Syke combi lock remember to press the button on the bottom of the lock after you have put the code in ( the code number should be in your membership card where it is signed by Barry ) After you have clicked the combi lock back together, make sure you turn the numbers  again; 'don’t leave the code on the lock' or somebody can just open the gate again. Remember to take your membership card with you at Syke, even if you are just having a walk round.

             On a personal note I have enjoyed this season; it has been great to be catching tench again from Healey Dell. The roach and tench from the small pond at syke have been a joy to fish for, but the best part has been to see other anglers catching and in particular the juniors who have sometimes out fished us adults. One young junior even got in the Angling Times after catching a big Ide from Healey Dell. As a fisheries officer I find it is not always the biggest fish you catch that gives you the most satisfaction, this year I consider the smallest fish to be of the one of the great success stories. The frayed ropes and keep nets we put in the water for the fish to spawn on, resulted in thousands of new roach fry, and securing the next generation fish.    

             Tight Lines   Alan Knowles