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NEWSLETTER September 2015

Hi everyone, until Michael finds his feet properly in the role of your new secretary, I’ve offered to help him out by writing the latest Newsletter.

Anyway, off we go. If you have visited the Dell this summer, you’ve no doubt seen that we are losing the battle to control the weed. The left bank pegs are virtually unfishable and peg 14 is a mass of yellow fringed lilies. Following on from last years’ excellent season, reports suggest that the weed problem has had an impact on the quality of this seasons fishing. Mixed reports, mainly on the poor side. I visited today Wednesday, August 19, 2015 and spoke to the 3 members fishing. One reported lots of bites and fish but only small stuff. One had done “not too badly” and the other reported 17 small carp, a bigger carp and a decent fish that broke his line. He was well happy with his catch, all taken in a morning session. Stuart, our fishery officer, has met with E.A. officials at the Dell regarding the weed problem. The aquatic weed killer that we have used in the past to control the weeds has been banned. Therefore, the E.A. have suggested that we use a specialist company who will clear the lilies at peg 14. They suggest that the only way to clear the remaining Canadian pond, curly and silt weed is by manual removal. They state that if measures aren’t taken to remove the weed, the weed will take over the entire water within the next two to three years and we will have no water to fish. This is obviously a very serious matter and although the committee are considering all the options, a work party has been arranged for Saturday 19th September, from 9am at the Dell. The committee are appealing to ALL members to make an effort to be there to lend a hand to remove the weed, (come and go as it suits you). Some rakes will be provided but if you have one, please bring it with you, or any other tool that may be useful. The future of the water depends on your support.

The match scene has also suffered due to the weed. Stuart reports that only 5 members fished the opening match, the numbers went down to 3 and on the last two matches, only Stuart and one other member fished. Due to the lack of interest, Stuart will not be preparing a match calendar for next year and he will be standing down as match secretary. Ideas and suggestions on how to improve the match scene, will be more than welcome. A new match secretary will be required and also a new treasurer to replace Barry, our long standing stalwart, who is also planning to retire. Volunteers welcome.

Not many members are fishing Syke. Reports are mixed but decent carp are being caught there. The bailiffs report that they have had very little problems with poachers or youths causing annoyance this year, so why not give it a try, you may be nicely surprised. Work is being done on the steps. The gate being left open here, please remember to lock it, thanks.

Jim,(retired sec.)