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NEWSLETTER September 2014

Hope everyone is well and still out and about enjoying the good weather that September has produced so far …. hope it continues.

The proposal at the AGM in April, to reduce the number of members meetings from three to two, was carried. As a result, there will now only be the Members Subscriptions meeting in February and the AGM in April.

Two other proposals were also carried :-

1. To allow junior members to fish unaccompanied by an adult.

2. To reduce subscriptions for junior members from £20 to £10.

Those two proposals are aimed at increasing the number of junior members to our club.

The summer has produced different results on our waters. Last year saw Syke having one of it’s best years for some time. The small carp which were stocked earlier last year, gave us some tremendous sport, along with the resident bigger carp. This year however, the small carp seem to have disappeared and although the bigger carp have shown, it has been a case of good days and poorer days. Matches have seen some good weights but nets have been made up mainly with the larger carp.

Healey Dell however, has been the place to go for some excellent sport throughout the summer. Mixed bags of all species have been the norm with the occasional surprise finding the net. The tench have been scarce this year but at the time of writing, it is thought that tench will be stocked for next season. A keepnet ban was introduced at the Dell due to ‘sores’ which appeared on the new fish stock. It is thought that they were caused due to stress. Thankfully, they are on the mend and the ban will be lifted soon.

The bank between pegs 1 and 3 collapsed in July but repair work has been carried out to make it good again. Further work is needed so please bear with us. It is thought that one of the reasons for the collapse, was due to erosion caused by tree roots. To prevent further erosion and further expense, the trees closest to the water on both banks have been cut back. This will also enable those with rod and line to cast better, help to dry out the left hand bank and allow the sun to shine were it hasn’t shined for time (now, now). The trees will be replaced by suitable plants which will both enhance the appearance of the water and give a little privacy for those that prefer it. Apologies go to those on the bankside when the work was being done. We hope that the entertainment provided by the comics carrying out the work made up for any inconvenience. And thanks to all who helped, (including the comics).

Barry Watkins, our long serving treasurer, will be standing down next April. We will therefore require someone to take his place. Please give it some thought and let me know.

Newsletters will be sent out by post and email in January and April . The September Newsletter will only be sent by email but will appear on the website as usual.

Jim (Secretary).