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NEWSLETTER January 2012

In case you were wondering what had happened to the December newsletter, the committee decided that the winter newsletter should be sent out in January instead. So, here it is.
We must first say that we hope that you all had a good festive season and send you and your families our best wishes for the coming year.
We also extend a very warm welcome to all our new members who have joined us recently. We hope you enjoy your new club and hope your waters live up to your expectations. Please carry your membership cards with you until our bailiffs get to know you. Members can take two guests per session by purchasing a £5 day ticket from Rochdale Angling Centre, prior to fishing. Please have day tickets ready for our bailiffs to inspect, it is appreciated and makes their job easier, thanks. There are no day tickets on the bank.
Just before Christmas, we had a stocking of  300 x 8 – 10 inch barbel at Healey Dell, (photos on the website). They were all in pristine condition and I can say that they have been making an appearance in large numbers in the deeper pegs. Yours truly had 20 of them in a short session on January 2nd, which wasn’t bad for me, but nowhere near the 100 taken by our uncrowned barbel king, who puts his success down to wearing one legged, snakes and ladders pyjamas the night before he goes fishing. True, but needless to say, he wishes to remain anonymous. A stocking of crucian carp is expected mid January at the Dell and at the same time, tench will be stocked in the small water at Syke, courtesy of Barrys’ Tench fund which reached, £470 .  A big thankyou goes out to everyone who made a donation, a fantastic result, well done. Please do not put the new stock fish in keepnets, barbel till February, crucians and tench till March, thanks.
We are all looking forward to another successful year on the bankside, speaking of which, we are hoping to carry out much needed work on the pegs at Syke, and this, together with the improvements made to the paths, should encourage more members to fish and make visits much more pleasurable.
The match calendar is enclosed, however, Stuart, our match secretary, is standing down after almost 20 years of excellent service. Also standing down is Chris Lett. Chris has served for several years on the committee and also ran the popular midweek evening matches. And finally, (I hope), yet another stalwart, Simon Newsham, our webmaster and committee member for many years, has decided to call it a day.  I’m sure we would all like to thank them for the time and effort they have given. Well done lads. If anyone is interested in becoming the match secretary, webmaster, or joining the committee, please let me know.

2012  Subscriptions.This years subs are due from 1st January. Thankyou once again to all those who have renewed already. Subscriptions are, seniors £40, juveniles, OAPs’ and disabled £20.  Cheques made payable to Rochdale Walton Angling Society please.  You now have the option of a 5 year subs renewal which will exclude you from any  increase in subs within that period. Subs may be renewed either : -
1.By post Please send your cheque, membership card and stamped addressed envelope to, Barry Watkins, 26 Somerset Grove, Rochdale. OL11 5YS.  (no home visits please at the request of his missus).
2.By attending the members subscription meeting, 7.15pm (subs), 8.00pm (meeting), Monday 13th February 2012. The Alpine Gasthof, Whitworth Road, Rochdale. OL12 0JG. Please remember to bring your membership card so that it can be signed for 2012.  Membership must be renewed no later than the subs meeting.
Again, Best Wishes to you all and we hope to see you at the Alpine. (snakes and ladders pyjamas ... optional).