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NEWSLETTER September 2011

There is only one place for me to start this newsletter, yes, you’ve guessed, ... Syke. Have you been down there this summer ?  ... “No” you say ?. Well there are no excuses now. The grant work that Barry, (treasurer), secured, was completed at the end of May. The access paths are superb and the new look small water, complete with seven new pegs, has given the whole place a new lease of life. And the fishing ? ... catch it right and excellent bags of roach, bream and carp to double figures from the big water and a ‘fish a chuck’ from the small water ... brilliant.  Well done to all involved especially the Community Foundation for Greater Manchester and of course, our contractor, Darren Wright.
Barry started the ‘Syke Small Water Tench Fund’ and I am pleased to inform you that to date, it has reached the magnificent sum of £390.00p. A big thank you to all of you who have made a donation. The fund will end on 31st November 2011, so there is still time to contribute if you are able to do so. The new tench will be ordered and stocked for next year.
Barry has to complete an end of project form for the grant provider and any feed back in respect of the Syke project would be of great help to him. To this end, I have included a feedback form with the newsletter. It would be greatly appreciated if you could spend a few moments filling it in and either sending it direct to Barry :- Mr B Watkins, 26 Somerset Grove, Rochdale OL11 5YS, or bringing it with you to the next members meeting, which is at The Alpine restaurant, Whitworth Road, Rochdale, 8pm, Monday 10th October 2011. Everyone is welcome at the meeting and it will be good to see as many of you as we can.

Healey Dell has also fished well this summer with mixed bags being taken which have included the new carp and tench to four pounds, stocked earlier this year. There has been a planting of lilies and Iris which are now begining to take hold and the far end of the left hand bank is looking good again. There have been some good nets of fish from the pegs on that bank (but keep it quiet, I don’t want you sat on my peg when I get down there ... ok ). Most of the weed that was making it hard to fish, has now been removed.
There have been some good weights on the match scene and some not so good. Both waters can fish brilliantly the day before a match and then turn ‘peggy’ on match day. Although the numbers fishing matches have been slightly down on last year, it is pleasing to see new faces in the frame. Well done to all of you for supporting Stuart.

With a healthy bank balance, (Barry won’t agree) and a sound stocking policy, the future is looking good for your club. There is still more work to do to make things even better, especially at Syke and your committee will continue to work hard on your behalf. Please come to the members meeting and support us.
Don’t forget , help the bailiffs by taking your litter home.