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A warm welcome is extended to both our new and of course, our ‘old’ members, we hope that all your expectations for the year ahead, will be realised on the bankside.                                                                                                          At present, both our waters are fishing well, pleasure bags at Healey Dell have been taken to 70lbs and have included the new stock of 1lb carp, introduced earlier this year. The 2-4lb tench are due at the Dell anytime now, so go on, give your tackle a good dust and get out there.

The Annual General Meeting, will be held at 8pm, Monday 9th May, at The Transport Club, Baron Street, Rochdale. The following proposals have been received :-
1).  An option for members to take out a five year membership. Members taking this option will be exempt from any increase in subscriptions which may fall within the five year term. No refunds allowed.                                          2).  A keepnet ban on both waters for 4 weeks immediately after a stocking has taken place. (stocking is normally between Feb –April).

The presentation of the match trophies and the ever popular supper and chat, will follow the business. It will be good to see you, so please try and support us with your presence.

Barry, our treasurer, who secured the Bovril Grant last year for Healey Dell, has been ‘at it’ again, this time for Syke. After completing a very complicated and time consuming application, he has secured a grant of £4,500, to cover the costs of work on the Syke small water. The work will include the clearance of weed, the creation of 7 new pegs and wait for it, the construction of new access paths which will give much improved and much needed access to both waters. The work will be starting soon and is expected to be completed by June, weather permitting. Well done Barry !!! (the mans’ a genius). Further work at Syke will also be carried out.

We hope that members will not be inconvenienced whilst the work is ongoing. Once the work has been completed, we will be looking to re stock the small water and once again, Barry has a plan. The plan would be to stock with tench, which, if they were to spawn, could be used in both the main water at Syke and at The Dell. Since the clubs finances are already stretched, to fund the stocking Barry has offered to launch a ‘Syke Small Water Tench Fund’ by making a generous donation (yes folks’ it is OUR Barry Watkins). If you feel you could support this fund, please contact Barry on Tel 01706 356197, or send a donation (cheques payable to Rochdale Walton Angling Society) to Barry Watkins, 26 Somerset Grove, Rochdale. OL11 5YS.  Any donation will be kept in the Society account until the fish are purchased.

Although it gives me pleasure to write about the good things that are happening, I also have to mention the bits that get in the way of the good. We need to remind ourselves about :-

1). LITTER, if it’s in our pegs when we arrive, we inherit it, so we must use the bin at the Dell or take it home.  

2). LANDING NETS  use them sensibly when needed. (if in doubt, use them).                                                                                                                                 

3). KEEPNET RULES  Please follow them, (Regulations Covering Society Waters Schedule b Regulation 2 ) :-                          

 a) All carp over 2lb to be kept in an approved carp safe net and must be in a separate net to fish under 2lb.       

b) No fish over 5lb to be kept in a keepnet except in official club matches.                                                             

c) No fish of ANY size to be kept in a keepnet for more than 5 hours, (except in the club night match, 2 weighs). Every society has its’ rules, ours are aimed at bringing the best we can to both our members and our fish.  

Finally, I would like to thank all members for your continued support and the committee and officers for your hard work during the past year. Enjoy your club, enjoy life.

Hope to see you all at the AGM