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NEWSLETTER December 2010

Christmas and the New Year are almost upon us again, where has this year gone ? They say that time goes faster the older we get, well, I for one can assure you young ‘uns, that is definitely as true as .... Big Sam being sacked.  That’s why we should all try and make the most of our leisure time. We need time to relax in between work, family and endless other commitments, we need to say “NO”, more, and make time for ourselves to get down to the Dell or Syke to re charge our batteries, before another year gets away again.

Just to wet your appetite for next year, we will be stocking the Dell with 2lb tench and a sprinkling of small mixed carp. Introducing small carp to the water will hopefully kick everything else into feeding. So the expectations are high for next year.

Subscriptions are due from 1st January 2011

Full Senior .... £40.        OAP, Junior and Disabled .... £20
Payment Details :-

1).  By Post  Please send your membership card, your cheque and a stamped addressed envelope to,  Barry Watkins, 26 Somerset Grove, Rochdale. OL11 5YS. Cheques made payable to, Rochdale Walton Angling Society. (no callers to Barrys’ thanks, his missus will kill him)
2).  Attending the members Subscription Meeting   Monday 21st February 2011, 7.15pm for subs, 8pm for meeting, Alpine Gasthof, Whitworth Road, Rochdale ( junction with Cronkeyshaw Road, opposite Lalas’ takeaway). Please bring your membership card with you, together with your payment, cash or cheque on the night, thanks.

           I’m sure that you don’t need me to tell you that both our waters have been frozen over for the best part of three weeks, so rods have been idle. I keep all my tackle in the spare bedroom but I keep one old bag in my garage (I daren’t let her in the house .... she wets the bed !!!), in which I keep my keepnet, a bob cap, a baseball cap and a towel. Just prior to the big freeze, I had a session on the Ribble. When I opened my old bag, five field mice jumped out. My caps and towel were ripped to threads and there was a small hole in my keep net. So beware .... never put your tackle where the mice can chew it .... “ Ouch”  !!!. 

           Due to one of our auditors moving away from the area, we are looking for someone to take his place. So if you can add up, take away and do simple sums, oh, and have a pen, please consider filling his size 10s’. Thanks to Norman and best wishes in Lancashire.

           And finally, with best wishes in mind, may I, on behalf of the President, Committee and all Officers, wish you and your families very best wishes for Christmas and the New Year.