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NEWSLETTER September 2010

Dear Members,

It’s pleasing to report that our Syke water has fished it’s head off throughout the ‘summer’. Pleasure anglers have reported bumper catches of carp from half a pound to middle teens. I know a lot of our members have difficulty gaining access down to the water and to some of the pegs but Barry is working hard to secure a grant for work to be done on the access paths which will hopefully allow more of those anglers who struggle at present, to enjoy the ‘Syke Experience’.  The decision by the members some years ago to turn Syke into a carp water, seems to have been justified – well done members and ... fishery management. 

            Healey Dell had a fantastic start from February to June. Members were catching superb mixed bags. My eight year old granddaughter Millie, was thrilled on her first ever fishing trip to catch 35 fish in an hour and a half, (“Easy this, isn’t it granddad”.... Hmmm !!!). But from June, for unknown reasons, there was a dip in form until mid August, when, for unknown reasons, the water picked up again.

            The lads on the match scene have reported a good season so far and good luck to the sweepstake regulars who are about to fish their ‘Big One’. Thanks to Stuart and Chris for their hard work and to the members who are able to support them.

            Our bailiffs have worked hard again, both waters having their particular problems. Thanks fellas, no one else would do it. Mink have now been seen at Syke. A big tree has also fallen in at Syke between pegs 18 and 19. It would be difficult to remove it and it may have to stay. The annual problem with swimmers, poachers and youths have been reported although no worse than usual.  All bailiffs report problems with litter. Please take it home or use the wheelie bin at the Dell. There is no excuse, you wouldn’t leave it in your front room would you !!! .... or then again ??? .... Take it with you, that’s all we ask  !!!.  Work to repair pegs on both waters, has been completed. Bushes are to be planted between the pegs on the far left hand bank at the Dell to make it look less baron. (a suggestion that we decorate the inside of the shipping container was shelved since the committee couldn’t  agree on the colour of the wallpaper !!!).   

             You are all invited to the September Members Meeting, which will be held at the Alpine Gasthoff, (opposite Lalas’), Whitworth Road, Rochdale, 8pm Monday 13th September 2010. It’s your opportunity to have your say, good or bad, about your club in the hope that by working together, we can be the best we can be. Oh, and don’t forget ... please take your glasses back to the bar !!!.     

Look forward to seeing you there.