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Dear Members,

Thanks, on behalf of the Committee (and  Zoe from the Alpine), to all who turned out for the Subscriptions Meeting in February.  Thirty five members stayed on and it was nice to see some new faces. The Alpine seems to be a great venue for getting to know other members, you see, we were so tightly squeezed together that, if you didn’t know the person sat next to you when you came in, you certainly knew them extremely well, by throwing out time.  I remember being taught about a similar place in a history lesson once at school. Where was it ... ah yes ... Calcutta, yes, that was it, Calcutta, twinned with The Alpine. (only joking Zoe, it was really, er ... well ... cosy like).

                        In fact it went down so well that, The Annual General Meeting will be held on  Monday 26th April 2010, 8pm The Alpine, Whitworth Road Rochdale.(postcode OL12 0JG, for those of you who can afford sat navs), or (opposite LALAs’ takeaway, for the rest of us who still proudly carry a 2001 AA road atlas).

                        The meeting will follow the usual agenda with reports from all the officers, proposals for the coming season, election of officers and the presentation of the match trophies. A Free buffet will follow to round off the evening. It’s usually a ‘reet good do’ so please come along and enjoy it, after all it’s for you.

                        Proposals for the AGM will be accepted in writing, to me (Tel 01706358842 for the address), up to Monday, 12th April, (date of agm committee meeting).

                        Has anyone been down to Healey Dell lately ?  It’s like getting off a bus, looking round and thinking, have I got off at the wrong stop ? Well, you haven’t, BOVRIL have seen to that. And a big THANK YOU to them. What a difference, no need for wellies on the new bank, carpet slippers only please. And those benches !!! please leave them in situ, Yes I know they’d look good in your front room, but remember, ... there’s always a sale on at DFS ... and wait for it ...there’s nothing to pay till you’ve been dead for twelve months. The official opening of the project will take place at the Dell on Friday 9th April from approx. 11.45am. You are all invited so please come down and meet our friends from Bovril.

                        On the fishing front, after what has been the coldest (and longest) winter since I was a lad, those hardy souls who have begun to wet a line again at the Dell, are catching well, small stuff, but plenty of ‘em. I don’t have any reports about Syke, but no doubt we will find out at the AGM and also about the recent stocking of both waters. So, see you on the 26th April, 8pm, at The Alpine, or on the April 9th at the Dell, for the opening.

(if anyone has received this newsletter who hasn’t paid their 2010 subs, please contact Barry Watkins our treasurer, immediately, thanks).