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NEWSLETTER September 2009

The next Members Meeting, will be held at 8pm, Tuesday 13th October at The Alpine Gasthof, Whitworth Road, Rochdale.
 During the past couple of weeks, I have had sessions on each of our waters and although Autumn is creeping up on us already, I can say that both venues produced better than I had expected.
My two visits to the Dell, saw me catch a good mix of species, nothing big, but plenty of roach, ide, perch, and skimmers, a couple of small tench, a few small crucians and a few skimmers/bream up to 2lb.
On my visit to Syke, I was accompanied by my good friend Darren Wright Wright Wright, we both finished with good nets of fish even though we started like a couple of numpties. I decided to target roach on the bottom at peg 9 using double red maggot. My first put in saw me land a cracking roach of just over the pound mark but then, I was smashed twice by carp. Darren, who was targeting and tackled up for carp at peg 10 using pellet, could only manage small perch with no sign at all of carp in his swim. I decided to step my tackle up and hooked three more good carp but, three hook pulls later and my landing net remained dry. I could hear the laughter coming from the other side of the bush at peg 10 but it stopped when I reminded the ‘carpman’ that he was still only catching small perch. Eventually, we both got it right, Darren began to land some good bream of up to 3lb plus and some decent carp. I finally managed to land a couple of carp up to 4lb followed by a few bream of about 2lb. We both enjoyed the day and know that from what we learned, next time we will empty the place. (it’s great fishing with your mates, you want them to do well, but you, always want to do better).
Speaking of Syke, as a result of the advert in the last newsletter, we now have a new bailiff, John Mooney. John has been visiting Syke on a regular basis and is getting to know the regulars. Thanks for volunteering John and good luck. He will team up with our ever faithful Syke bailiff, Graydon Bradbury. Please remember to take your membership cards with you on both waters, it will help our bailiffs to sort out any poachers. A reminder about litter, please take it home and take care on the high paths in wet weather. The ban on placing carp in keepnets at Syke has now been lifted. (please see the regulations governing the keeping of carp in keepnets in the constitution on our web).The condition of the carp will be monitored.
The next newsletter will be in December, included will be details of subscriptions for the 2010 season. Hope to see you at the Alpine.