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What a difference a few months makes, England have beat the Aussies, (that won’t last), Burnley are in the Premiership, (that won’t  .... well I won’t go there !!!), and dare I say it, despite a good start, the Dell is having one of those summers. (and I definitely hope that won’t last either).

Excellent catches were being taken which included good bream, tench and the odd carp or two, but for some reason, they’ve switched off the feed.

A lengthy discussion took place at our recent Committee meeting regarding the reason why. Did I say reason ?, each committee member ‘knew’ the reason why the Dells’ form had dipped, but It’s not easy to put your finger on the real cause when each member has a different theory. At least nine different explanations were given, mink, the heron, water from the Spod, far bank work, keepnets, too many matches, etc etc. I’m sure you will have your own reason too and if you could bottle the real answer to the problem, please let me know,  I’ll be your agent. What we do know however, is that the Dell has dipped before and bounced back and it will bounce back again and when it  does, I hope it lasts.

The work on the far bank bank is complete and a couple or three more spaces have been made on the car park. The far bank is looking bare at the moment but planting will take place to provide cover for the fish. You will notice that strings have been placed around the waters edge. This is to try to keep the herons away. The mink traps at the Dell are still being tampered with. Any member found to be responsible will be immediately expelled.

Syke is throwing up some decent pleasure catches on both waters. The small water has been partly de weeded and is well worth a try. The usual summertime problems with youths are still with us (at Syke), and whilst on the subject of anti social behaviour, the angling press are full of stories regarding tackle thefts. Because of it’s isolated location, be especially careful at Syke. There is a vacancy for a bailiff at Syke. Tel 01706 358842 for details.

Don’t forget our website, Simon our ‘webmaster’ is waiting for your photos (he even publishes the fishing ones in the gallery !!! ).

Due to the increase in members, agreed at the AGM, membership is now open. We still have  vacancies. See the website for details and to download an application form or contact Barry, Tel 01706 356157. A very warm welcome is extended to our latest recruits.

Just a reminder that our next members meeting is due at the end of September. A newsletter with details will be sent out nearer the time.

I’ll finish by hoping that you all enjoy your time spent on our waters and to all you Claret fans .... congratulations and good luck for the new season.