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 Dear Members,
                           Judging by the last couple of weeks, it is looking like the worst of the winter weather is behind us. So, for those who prefer to sit in front of the fire with the missis for the winter (nothing wrong with that of course, depending on whose missis  you're sitting with that is), it’s now time to remember where you’ve left your tackle, give it a good scrub and hope that the smell of mothballs doesn’t linger too long.

                Both our waters have fished well throughout the winter months and our bailiffs have reported an increase in the number of members and guests on the bankside. So if you keep promising yourself a trip down, but never seem to get there, make a little extra effort, go on, you deserve it.

                There was a good turnout for the ‘subs’ meeting in February and I can now report that we have full membership of 150 and a waiting list has been started. We hope to have another good turnout for the  Annual General Meeting, which is to be held at 8pm Monday 27th April 2009, at the Transport Club, Baron Street, Rochdale.  Following the meeting, there will be the presentation of trophies to the match winners, followed by a buffet, so don’t miss out.
                Although there is a formal business side to the AGM, we try to make it as informal as possible, with an emphasis on making it a social occasion also. So please come along, have your say, meet other members and enjoy the meeting, (plus the banter too of course). 

                                                The following proposals have been received:-

1.   To increase annual subscriptions from £34 to £36 (seniors), £18 (concessions and junior members).
2.   To abolish the current 50% disability reduction in annual subs, for all NEW members joining from 1st January 2010. This will not effect current disabled members who will continue to be entitled to a 50% reduction. Current members who may become disabled in the future, will be entitled to the 50% reduction also.
3.   To increase the membership from 150, to 180 senior members and 19 junior members .
4.   To introduce a short keepnet ban from 16th March to 1st May.

                Our bailiffs would like to draw your attention to the following incidents. Firstly, some of the ropes at Syke have been untied, carefully rolled up and left at the side of the bank. It is thought that this is the action of member(s), who have found the ropes ‘unfriendly’ to their fishing requirements. It is accepted that the ropes may not be user friendly, but they are there for a purpose. They have proved to be a most effective answer to the gooseander problem we had a few years ago when fishing was reduced to zero. They are on the waters from November to April (approx), so please respect this.
                Secondly, the mink traps at the Dell are being deliberately activated. They are there to try to protect your fish stocks from unwanted predators. The nature reserve wardens have also highlighted mink as being harmful to other animals, birds and their eggs and have also set traps throughout the Healey Dell Nature Reserve. So please respect any traps you may see.

                 The rules board at the Dell has now become outdated and will be amended soon. If in doubt, please see the rules for both waters which are included in the constitution, shown on the website (above).

                 Finally, as I said earlier, make the effort to get out there and I’m sure you will be rewarded. I had a phone call from a new member who fished Healey Dell this week for the first time. He thoroughly enjoyed a short 3 hour session during which he caught a mixed bag of fish for a weight of approximately 20lb. Go on, get down, …. you deserve it !!!.

Hope to see you all at the AGM.