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NEWSLETTER September 2008

Dear Members,

Once again it is nice to be able to report another exceptional summer at both Healey Dell and at Syke. There have been some excellent catches for both the pleasure anglers and the carp lads. The matchmen have also filled their boots as the match results shown on the website and in ‘the Ob’, will prove.  Although our Fisheries Officer, John Kershaw, would never seek a pat on the back, I believe that credit should be given when it is due and when the waters are fishing well, John should be given a mention, along with the hard working long suffering Committee.

            The annual good weather / light night problems with youths and poachers at Syke, have been with us again to the annoyance and frustration of any member who has ventured down there. Over the years, we have tried the Police and the E.A. but the problem is continuous. So, whilst I am handing out credit when it is due, our thanks must go to our Syke bailiff.  After a hard days work, would you go down to Syke almost every evening, knowing you are going to face a barrage of threats and abuse ? I think I know the answer to that one, so well done Graydon Bradbury.

            Speaking of Syke, some of the small carp which were stocked earlier this year, were found to be in a poor condition. To protect our stock, there is a temporary ban on placing carp in keepnets except in club matches. Thanks for your support in this matter.

            It seems some time now since the AGM in April, but it was good to see a few more faces than normal. Thanks to our members who attended from Huddersfield, (our reputation is spreading). Two proposals were passed on the night:-

1). To reduce the number of members meetings from 5 to 3 per year.
The members meetings will now be held - Subs meeting in February, AGM in April and a September meeting,
2). Pike to be removed from Society waters, either when caught or when netted.

The presentation of trophies took place and congratulations must go to Simon Newsham, our new club champion. Simon is also our webmaster which suggests he is good with all types of nets, landing nets, keepnets and … internets, (we won’t mention the fishnets though Simon !!!). Congratulations also to the Anniversary raffle prize winners.

            The September Meeting will be held on Monday 29th September, 8pm Alpine Gasthof, Whitworth Road Rochdale. You will have the opportunity to listen to the officers latest reports, including stocking and have your say on all issues relating to your club.

            Don’t forget all the latest news on our Website. Hope to see you on Monday.