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NEWSLETTER January 2008

Just a brief newsletter, but first, on behalf of the president and committee, very best wishes for the New Year.

Subscription Renewals and Membership cards As you know, last year we introduced a new ten year membership card. The idea was to save on the cost of producing 150 annual cards for the next ten years. Each year, when membership is renewed, your card will be signed by the treasurer, his signature will prove to our bailiffs that you have paid your subscription for that year. Obviously, in order for this to be done, you need to forward your membership card to the treasurer when renewing by post, or bring it with you at the February subs meeting.

Barry, our treasurer, has received some renewals by post (thankyou, postal renewals make it easier for us at the annual subscription meeting). However some members renewing by post have not sent their membership card with their renewal fee. This means that although they have paid their subs, their card hasn’t been signed by the treasurer and is not valid. This could cause problems on the bank when approached by a bailiff. I’m sure this is just a teething problem with the new system.

If you have sent your renewal to Barry by post without sending your membership card and haven’t had a response, could you please contact Barry by phone (01706 356157 ), or send your membership card to him in order that it can be signed. (please enclose sae).

Annual Subscription Meeting The annual subscription meeting will be held at:-

Rochdale Transport Club, Baron Street Rochdale, Monday 11th February 2008. Subs from 7.15pm Meeting 8pm.

Please bring with you, YOUR MEMBERSHIP CARD and fee. Seniors … £34. OAP, Juniors and Disabled members … £17.

Cash or cheques only please, cheques payable to Rochdale Walton Angling Society. This is the final date for renewals. Subscriptions will not be accepted after this date without paying the initial entrance fee again.

Postal Renewal You can still renew your membership by post by sending your fee, (cheques only please), membership card, and stamped addressed envelope to our treasurer, Barry Watkins, 26 Somerset Grove, Rochdale, 0L115YS, prior to 11th February 2008.
Hope to see you all at the meeting, enjoy your fishing,