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Dear Members 

The AGM will be held at the Alpine Gastof Whitworth Road OL12 6JG on Monday 24th of April 2017 at 8pm. All members are welcome, and a chance for anybody to join or renew their membership. You can also contact our treasurer Barry Watkins 26 Summerset Grove Rochdale OL11 5YS Telephone 01706 356157. 

STOCKING We have now stocked Healey Dell and Syke with 2-3lb Carp some of which have come out already. Those we put in last year have done well and I had a couple out last week myself, one of which was about the 4lb, so the policy of stocking 2-3lb fish seems to be working .The smaller fish, tench, crucians, small carp and barbel have gone into the stock ponds; some of the fish at Healey Dell stock pond will be put into the main lake while the rest will be grown on in the stock pond. We have put an island fish refuge into the Dell and it seems to be doing its job; we will expand on the idea later in the year. We intend to make something for the fish to spawn on at Healey Dell and transfer some eggs into the stock pond to grow on. Not having tried this before we cant be sure it will work, but we have taken advice from the environment agency. A new facebook page has been set up by our social media office Gary Eaton “Rochdale Waltons Angling Society” you just have to click to join the page and members are accepted within a day or two. 

The Reports coming from all Anglers is that both waters are fishing really well, some great carp being pulled out of syke, several anglers have commented about catching 8 species of fish on the dell.

Proposals for AGM

1. Matches Pay 1st in pools 4 or less anglers Pay 1st and 2nd 5 to 7 anglers 

Pay 1st 2nd and 3rd 8 or more anglers. 

2. Joining fee to be reduced to £10 

3.  Only appointed people approved by the committee to be allowed to carry an appropriate weapon. ( Only to be used for dispatching mink, cormorants or similar avian predators and only if RWAS have a licence to do so) 

4.  Family Permit to allow 2 seniors in the same household and up to 3 children 13 to 15 years old would be £80 membership. 

Secretary Alan Knowles